Never Regret!! !!

Life is story, keep writing, 

Changes?? ,  keep inviting. 

Why think, Whether Wright or wrong, 

Look down deeper it’s known to None. 

All are living by conventions, Certain beliefs and emotions.

So why not question?? ? ? 

Why do I cling to beliefs, Dig down deeper and pull your sleeves. 

So stop regretting!! ! ! ! 

Don’t keep waiting, know thy self, as life is waiting. 

Come, explore the life, Keep aside your intellectual Knife. 

Stop giving yourself any due importance, As life goes on, even with your absence. 

So do what you like, Even that’s is a subset of life. 

Life comprise of complete perception, Look yourself, have you ever lived a fraction? 

So stop regretting,don’t keep waiting,

Life is calling, come let’s go Smiling!! ! !

Move On

Move on, there’s larger life calling, Move On. 

Don’t cling to your emotions,refrain from false Notions. 

What are you waiting for,  Move on. 

Move on , as life is calling. 

Move on, and stop from falling. 

Move on, there’s no one waiting. 

Move on and stop self cheating. 

Move on, to keep heart beating. 

Stillness has its consequences, Don’t you enclose yourself in fences. 

Stilness breeds mental inertia, Believe me it’s true & yah. 

Life is larger than you feel, Stop waiting and don’t you kneel. 

As time passes, your wounds would heal, Come buddy get on your wheels. 

Life is what you desire, Don’t let go off the fire. 

As you move on you would realize, Life has kept you a wonderful prize. 

Move on, and be like a weapon, As weapon is devoid of emotion. 

Move on, and break the shackles, Believe me,  life is miracle. 

Move on, and make life complete, Don’t make your belief so concrete. 

Life is all about diverse perspection, Move on, and get back to ACTION. 

Move on, there’s larger life calling, Move On. 

Life of an Office Keyboard

Hi, I am an Office keyboard, There were numerous onboard. 

Some were beautiful, soft wrist, Some were hard, gym hands. 

I endured them all from spring to fall.

I never went uphill even during the fire drill.

I saw diverse emotions, some were of Love and some of diversions.

Yes, I was in office but I paved way for several love stories through chat, And sadely sometimes even breakups after that. 

Some got hikes and promotions through me, But no body gave a damn about me,  or even shared emotions through me.

Don’t think, I am insane, I was ruthlessly beaten up during their moments of pain.

When they bang me up after receiving a thrashing mail from their supervisor, Or sometimes after breakup with their lover.

But dear user I’ll definitely gonna miss you, As you were the only hand I felt since you came. 

Now it’s time for your promotion & a change. 

I wish you all the very best and success. 
Till then let me have some rest, Waiting for the next. 

Hi, I am an Office keyboard, There were numerous onboard.

Why Cry?

Why cry,  you aren’t the only one, There are many come and gone. 

Yet the world never stops, wait or mourn,  Why you cry? You aren’t the only one. 

It’s okay to be without home,  It’s okay to be without someone to lean on. 

Drive your strength from the situation you are onn,  Why cry ? You aren’t the only one. 

What’s wrong if there’s no one to hang on, You are a free soul, don’t you wait for the dawn.

With your light, pave the way for creatures who mourn, Why cry ? You aren’t the only one.

Why go depress, there are numerous way to express, Go connect with the universe and be free from stress. 

With this thought, I started to blog,  Who knows, it might lead to a new jog. 

Why cry, you aren’t the only one, There are many come and gone

A Bird Fly in the Sky

A bird fly in the sky,

Simply raises many WHY inside MY.

Why are you concerned about your nearby,

See how I fly in the sky , without being shy.

No matter what, you gonna DIE,

Then why CRY about my & Thy.

A bird fly in the sky,

Simply raises many WHY inside Mine.

You are lost, in this Ply , ripped by the questionare why My,

But my dear friend , this is all Lie , one day you gonna Die.

Then why not fly like me in the Sky?

Believe me once you Fly , you’ll be in everyone’s EYE

It doesn’t gonna work by whining, no body even give a damn CRY.

Come my friend let’s fly together in the SKY

Away from being SHY ,realizing your true potential by being MY.

GOOGLE Maps ….. yes … GOOGLE Maps

Many a times it, fascinates me & draws my attention towards LIFE Process

No Matter how many time you miss the charted route by the Map , it again re-route you towards the destination.

Similarly Life also remembers your destination (DEATH) and reroutes you towards it, irrespective of what you do in life.

Some analogies are as follows

Success ———> Highway, Expressway, or Overpass

Failure ——> Single & rough roads (plenty in India & similar countries)

Struggles ——> Huge Traffic

While Traversing through all the illusionary states of success, failures, struggles pains etc.. (which are mere emotional hypes , until your survival & basic need is at stake) , we somewhere forget that we too are MORTAL & subjected to DEATH + we all are heading towards the same destination

GOOGLE Maps ….. yes … GOOGLE Maps , whenever I tend to use it … I tend to see the micro version of Life & wonder through which path I would make it to my Destination.